Thursday, November 8, 2012

5 Months

Well here’s to yet another month with this sweet boy!
5 months have gone by way too fast.. But he just keeps getting more fun each day.
At  5 Months:
*He still eats a ton and is loving rice cereal, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, and applesauce.
*Still not sleeping through the night (Sleep training to start soon)
*Giggles a ton, he has the CUTEST laugh
*Recognizes his favorite people
*Loves his bumbo (as you can see in the pics below)
*SO close to sitting up on his own
*Loves laying on the floor with his toys
*Loves watching me vacuum
*Has a death grip when he gets a hold of anything, especially hair
*Loves to put his feet in his mouth
*Loves talking to himself
*Got sick for the first time after his shots, runny nose, cough, then a little throw up. (SO SAD!)
*Loves to scream, not a mad scream just a “I want to hear myself” scream lol

Brody we love you so much, thanks for making life so much fun! Don’t know what I did before you came along!

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